Wicking Pajamas – My Updated Review

Posted by psls on October 26, 2011

Wicking Pajamas

While looking for an effective Night Sweat solution the ONLY product that had a lasting impact for me was, Sweaties Wicking Pajamas.

My Wicking Pajamas experience began after I painfully went through months and months of trial and error trying various wicking pajamas and sleepwear. It was not only frustrating but time consuming and very expensive not only buying the sleepwear, but continually having the Doctor’s appointments, reading & meditation techniques and trying a variety of other remedies. Some did give little relief but I would still not be able to sleep all night without waking up.

I started to research wicking pajamas fabrics as I really had a tough time with night sweats. It not only disturbed my sleeping, but I also had a lack of focus and low energy the following day. My body and mind were changing not only emotionally but physically too – not to mention how irritable I became with everything and everyone. Women who go through night sweats and hot flashes at night know what discomfort they create and how totally exhausting they can be!

What Causes Night Sweats?

Hot flashes, excessive sweating and hot bodily temperature at night can be due to several medical reasons. Menopause, cancer, medication, pregnancy, infections, side effects to some prescribed medications and hormonal disorders can all cause night sweats which can result in discomfort, constant feeling of wetness and heat that makes it hard to sleep without waking up and feeling disturbed. A good night’s sleep is very vital for good health, but unfortunately women who suffer from these night sweats and menopausal flashes, have great difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep.

They suffer discomfort because of sweating and the heat their bodies experience cause them to feel fatigued and tired. Some women, who suffer from night flashes and sweating, seek solutions in medication that works sometimes but not always. Some medication can also have side effects. One very popular and tested solution is investing in wicking pajamas and wicking sleepwear.

What Are Wicking Pajamas?

Woven with a microfiber yarn, wicking sleepwear and wicking pajamas have become quite popular in combating sleeping through night sweats and hot flashes. Wicking pajamas microfiber in essence, is made using extra fine fibers, the fineness being the reason behind the fibers extraordinary strength to absorb moisture and still remain lightweight and dry. Amazingly soft, cool and breathable, Wicking Pajamas microfiber yarn has heat-regulating properties that allow it to help cool the body and pull away moisture and sweat. It works by using the cooling effect that follows evaporation and works towards keeping the wearer’s body cool by absorbing the sweat, allowing it to evaporate easily, leaving the material dry.

The microfiber yarn used to make wicking pajamas and wicking sleepwear actually cools down the body by aiding and speeding up the evaporation of sweat and moisture that can cause discomfort and sleeplessness at night. Wicking pajamas microfiber yarn is known as being a hydrophic yarn, also called a “moisture hater yarn.” Wicking pajamas microfiber yarn is popular for its moisture hating properties because it absorbs moisture and sweat, taking it away from the body and pushes it outwards, towards the surface where it evaporates and leaves behind a cooling sensation that lowers the body’s temperature. Depending on the number of strands used to make wicking pajamas, each wicking pajamas product is different.

The more strands a wicking pajamas product has, the more absorbent and quick drying it becomes. Most wicking pajamas and sleepwear use a large number of microfiber yarn strands and are designed to retain their hydrophic properties so even after much use and washing, the wicking pajamas will still work and keep your nights cool and dry.

How Do Wicking Pajamas Work?

Since a good, restful night’s sleep is so important every night, it is vital for those suffering from hot flushes and night sweats to find a lasting and easy solution that they can rely on every night. Since wicking sleepwear and wicking pajamas can be taken everywhere, worn by everyone and have been tried and tested by many women, they make a great and practical solution and allow affordable comfort and dryness at night.

Since wicking pajamas and sleepwear pushes moisture outwards and away from the skin, it causes fast drying due to evaporation. This highly absorbent wicking pajamas material however, does not feel damp to the touch nor does it smell or store odors because of the absorption of moisture. Since wicking pajamas microfiber strands are very fine, they do not retain any moisture unlike other materials such as satin and silk used for sleepwear. Wicking sleepwear and wicking pajamas are also hypoallergenic and designed with anti bacterial properties, working with people suffering from cancer night sweats and possibly overly sensitive skin. Since wicking pajamas and sleepwear is made from microfiber, it can be used for both winters and summers.

Wicking Pajamas also puts your partner at ease; they no longer have to wake up to find their spouse or partner hot, wet, restless, disturbed and the sheets drenched in sweat.

What To Look For In Wicking Pajamas?

There are quite a few brands of wicking pajamas and sleepwear out there, so when looking for sleepwear that provides comfort and dryness for night sweats, make sure you purchase high quality material that has a solid guarantee when shopping for wicking pajamas and sleepwear. Another great thing to look for is the “easy to wash” feature. Wicking pajamas and wicking sleepwear are easy to wash as the water is pulled up and out by the fabric, making it easy to lift away dirt and other stains away.

From the wicking pajamas fabric, these are some of the most basic features of wicking pajamas and sleepwear that allow them to provide comfort, not just during night sweats but also make them easy to travel with and wash, making them a really sensible and smart solution for night sweats.

Why Choose Wicking Pajamas?

Wicking Pajamas have helped thousands of women worldwide. Since every wicking pajamas product has a different wicking ability, texture, price and fit, finding which one to use depends upon your needs. If you have hot flashes and heavy precipitation only on some particular body parts, like hot flashes of the legs or just the belly area, then investing in wicking pajamas and sleepwear that covers these areas is a good idea.

For women who experience leg sweats, wicking pajamas with tunics or sleeveless tops are great, for those women who find their upper bodies getting more warm and wet at night, should go for full sleeved night shirts and shorts, the shirts will help absorb the moisture away from their problem area. Keeping these things in mind will definitely help you find the right wicking pajamas and wicking sleepwear. Lastly, also keep in mind your lifestyle. If you like roaming about in your nightwear till lunch, make sure you choose something that covers and keeps you warm especially if you live in a colder region.

Be extremely careful when choosing your Wicking Pajamas. Most women searching for Wicking Pajamas try to match the styling and design of their wicking pajamas to the sleepwear designs they are used to buying and wearing. When making your choice of wicking pajamas choose the wicking pajamas for their ability to let you sleep and not the purpose of looking sexy and fashionable. Make sure to get an iron-clad 100% money-back guarantee!

Most women who have not tried wicking pajamas often think of wicking pajamas as being boring and dull, but wicking pajamas are available in lots of great colors and stylish designs. Wicking pajamas are a great relief for women suffering from night sweats, as wicking pajamas provide comfort to millions of women worldwide.

Wicking Pajamas Special & Bonuses?

Please note that while I was at the Sweaties Wicking Pajamas Site to do some research for my blog post, I did see they are having a special (with free sweat glove – a great idea by the way) for anyone that wants to give them a try. I do not know how long this will last, so if you are curious to learn more about the Wicking Pajamas product or want to try it for yourself, simply go to the following link, By the way they have great customer service, anytime I had a question about the Wicking Pajamas product in general, they always replied promptly with helpful answers.

Wicking Pajamas Products

Go Here To See Wicking Pajamas From Sweaties – Wicking Pajamas Official Site


I received an email about Sweaties Sleepwear – Wicking Pajamas Product not so long ago. Marilyn says that she had Night Sweats for 6 years and went the same route as I did in my first few months. When she started to use the Wicking Pajamas Product she was so surprised the first time she slept in them, she slept the whole night through. Now 2 months later Marilyn is still having great results – night after night. If you suffer from night sweats you can imagine how exhausted she must have been with sleepless nights for so long? This has been a fantastic result for her and other women around the world.

Clearly, Wicking pajamas work and I encourage anyone who is suffering from night sweats to find some relief soon! My advice is to give Sweaties Sleepwear – Wicking Pajamas a try and see for yourself:-)



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